Where to Put Your Data in Office 365

September 17, 2019
where to put your data in office 365

Office 365 comes with terabytes of personal and shared storage. Yet while storage space may not be an issue, you might need help with data management to get the most from your Office 365 investment. EXP can help you design and implement your online storage methodology for greater efficiency and performance. The following is a brief guide on where to put your business data.

Personal Work Files

We recommend using OneDrive to store personal business files. These can be synced locally and are accessible on your mobile device and any computer with Internet access. Plus, the new OneDrive client can sync your default document location, desktop, and pictures automatically.

Company Data

Use the default SharePoint Online Team site to create document libraries with unique permissions. These can be synced locally, and versioning is enabled by default.

Project Data

For project data, create a project or team site with unique permissions. This also gives you multiple document libraries within each site.

External Data

For security we recommend using distinct external site collection or a “Teams” site for external collaboration. While you can share any document externally, in our opinion, this can get out of hand quickly and present a security risk.

Other useful features include:

  • Permissions can be at the Site, Library, Folder, and document levels.
  • Document check-in/out is a useful feature of SharePoint.
  • SharePoint and OneDrive backups occur every 12 hours and are kept for 14 days. But since they can only be restored at the site collection level, we recommend a third-party cloud-to-cloud backup.
  • Recycle bin keeps 14-30 days of trash.
  • Metadata (department, classification, etc.) is easy to add to any document library.

To discuss your company’s data storage needs, contact Tony Lesirge.

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