What can SharePoint Online do for You?

SharePoint Online is a document management, database, and workflow platform available to all users of Office 365. EXP Technical has more than 20 years of experience with SharePoint, and we’ve found that most business users are unaware of the depth of its capabilities. Below is a brief overview of SharePoint Online to help you leverage the power of this product.

Cloud Storage with Versioning, Metadata, and Data Classification
Each SharePoint Online tenant comes with 1 terabyte of cloud storage and more can be purchased at a nominal cost. Other features include:

  • SharePoint Online automatically save versions of documents and allows you to easily revert to prior versions.
  • Document libraries can have custom metadata such as department, retention period, etc.
  • Data classifications (PHI, PII, Confidential, etc.) can be centrally enabled and managed.

Project Sites
It’s simple to create project or team sites with SharePoint Online. (Microsoft Teams is another option built upon SharePoint). These can easily be templated using a typical site structure such as:

  • Shared documents
  • Shared sortable lists (assets, etc.)
  • Assignable tasks with reminders
  • Shared contacts that can be synced with Outlook

Manage Images and Videos
Using image libraries, asset libraries, and Microsoft Video, all media can be stored in the cloud and easily categorized with metadata.

For companies not wanting to invest in an expensive CRM system, SharePoint Online can track leads, prospects, opportunities, and help you manage proposals. EXP can help you build this out affordably.

External Sharing
External sharing is a breeze with SharePoint Online. This can be managed centrally, and if users have a Microsoft account, no new password is required for authentication.

Multi-user access
Multiple users can work on Office documents at once.

Workflows and Flow
Beneath SharePoint is a powerful workflow engine. Whatever you can do manually, you can now automate using notification emails. It also connects with Microsoft Flow – the next generation workflow and interoperability platform included with Microsoft Office 365.

Database with Excel Reporting
SharePoint is built on a SQL database and can be easily connected to Excel and other apps for sophisticated reporting. Once connected, data can be refreshed on demand or when the document is opened.

To learn more about how SharePoint Online can help your business, contact Pat Cooke.

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