Tap the Potential of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can help you better manage your desktop environment without sacrificing performance or compromising the end-user-experience. Our Strategic Services team can help you decide if VDI is right for your business. VDI is the evolution of traditional Server Virtualization, but it delivers the efficiency and performance to the end user.

The Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Your workstations consist of expensive components that are not always optimized and often underutilized. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can maximize all your hardware resources into a server chassis to provide greater reliability, scalability, and efficiency.
Predictable Hardware Costs

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure keeps you on budget since you don’t have to buy new equipment as often. Plus, hardware upgrades can be deployed en masse, improving efficiency.

Workforce Mobility

    Users can access their Virtual Desktop from their own laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, and access machines utilizing Zero Clients from inside and outside the local network.

Centralized Desktop Management

VDI allows you to maintain and troubleshoot centrally rather than at each end user’s individual desktop. This reduces overall administration time and effort and helps you deploy new desktops faster.

Customized Desktop Resources

    Instantly increase memory, disk space, and boost vGPU resources as user’s demands fluctuate. Administrators can rapidly deploy standardized or customized desktops

Advance Beyond the Disadvantages of Traditional Desktop Infrastructure

VDI is more that just a predictable and scalable costing model for desktop replacements. There are many additional costs to deploying and maintaining a traditional desktop environment including:


Building machine specs can be tedious. Submitting and tracking your orders, approving invoices, receiving equipment, long lead-times—it all adds up to serious time and money.

Inventory & Asset Management

Keeping track of assets and monitoring replacement schedules for individual desktops takes time away from core IT initiatives.

Configuration & Maintenance

Imaging individual systems is labor intensive and deploying patch management applications is resource intensive.

Hardware Standards

The constantly evolving hardware landscape makes it difficult to maintain consistency on your desktops. This increases the time spent troubleshooting and updating drivers, and further adds to procurement efforts

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