Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services

Technology advances at the speed of thought. Each day brings new opportunity to leverage information technology to competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, new threats, vulnerabilities, and associated risks also arise each day. A misstep today could result in missed opportunity or even catastrophe tomorrow. You can’t afford to fall behind.

EXP provides Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services to several of the fastest growing businesses and most successful organizations across the Puget Sound Region. Our vCIOs are expert technologists, and uncommonly adept strategists. They focus on technology optimization, cybersecurity, business enablement, regulatory compliance, cost-containment, process, policy, and procedure.

Our vCIOs bring innovative perspectives forged through decades of experience in IT leadership roles, often in highly-regulated industries at the forefront of technological advancement. They hold advanced certifications and numerous awards (including Best CIO for a Private Company as awarded by the Puget Sound Business Journal). They are influential in the local business community and committed to economic success of the Pacific Northwest.

Thought leaders from EXP are available for everything from quick peer review of your IT manager’s project plans all the way to interim CIO leadership.

A Virtual CIO from EXP can be your organization’s secret weapon. As always, our services have no minimums and no contractual commitments.

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IT Strategic Planning

Organizations that don’t plan won’t thrive.

Innovative and strategic application of IT can differentiate your organization from its competitors, create an advantage, and contribute measurable results to the bottom line. IT strategic planning is critical to your organization’s success.

Effective planning eliminates obstacles and brings technology into alignment with business goals.

A strategic plan from EXP Technical will identify a roadmap to success that respects budgetary constraints. We deliver prioritized recommendations mapped to realistic timelines with clear performance indicators that ensure success.

vCIO Services

VCIO Services Seattle

EXP has been providing vCIO services in the Seattle/Everett/Tacoma region since 2003. While we provide a range of services, typically the approach is built around the following framework:

  • Assess the current IT environment
  • Discover gaps, vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, deviations from “best practices,” as well as areas of non-compliance
  • Identify opportunities for technology to add strategic and monetary value to the business
  • Formulate innovative solutions
  • Deliver written strategic planning documents
  • Establish workflow, policies, practices, and procedures that result in continued success

IT Procurement

Identifying the right applications, and supporting infrastructure is critical to achieving strategic IT objectives. This usually involves in-depth analysis of the requirements and subsequent analysis of how the proposed vendors can meet these requirements. When appropriate, we manage the entire RFP (Request for Proposal) process. This can include specifying a scope of work, establishing decision criteria, and delivering a final recommendation to your IT steering committee.

IT Vendor Management

After procuring solutions, good IT Vendor Management is critical to ongoing success. EXP will create clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We can establish troubleshooting methodology and escalation policies. We work with vendors to address issues, ensure security and reliability, and provide product enhancements as needed.

Put our Experts to Work for YOU!

Has your network grown organically to the point that it is inefficient and no longer secure? Would technology planning, risk management, and IT governance benefit your organization? Do you operate in a highly regulated industry and need assistance preparing for an audit and mantaining regulatory compliance? Does your IT staff need direction, mentorship, or the occasional consultation with an expert strategist? Contact EXP Technical to put our expert vCIOs to work for you.

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