Think Before You Click: Employees Need to be at the Frontline in the Battle Against Phishing

April 26, 2018

I’m sure you’re aware of the constant drumbeat of security compromises and alerts in the media and or more directly aware of them through friends and business contact’s experience. It’s probably safe to assume you’re of the mind that you want to be doing all you can to guard against possible breaches, unwanted encryptions, etc. There are studies that indicate small business are victimized at a high rate and many may not recover if they do not have protections in place to guard and\or recover from such events.

At EXP, we strongly believe in the web of protection that must exist to properly guard institutions and their data from these threats. This web is comprised of several things. Many of these are technological tools that keep threats from ever entering your environment, let alone being executed within it. Unfortunately, all the gates, checkpoints and filters cannot prevent human error\action – frequently the last stop on the cyberthreat train. Humans must be informed users of technology for our web of protection to remain whole.

We have been using a product for some time now that empowers businesses to enable their users to be effective gatekeepers instead of unwilling facilitators. This tool assesses users’ likelihood of being taken in by social engineering attacks, identifies those in need of education and rapidly makes that training available to those users. Once users have completed training, follow on probing through mock threats occurs on our command and further training can be targeted to those users still in need. Over time, we continue to test users on a regular but not predictable basis to keep people primed on what to look for, educating those who need it.

Considering the potential repercussions, Security Awareness Training is a wise investment for your company. (Edit 2022: we now offer FREE Security Awareness Training at EXP Academy.) It mitigates many of the costs associated with investigating and resolving a security incident, and it helps a business return to normal operations quickly. Remember, the best way to recover from compromise, is to avoid compromise to begin with.

Thousands of companies use KnowBe4 to better their security position. We are a provider of this tool and manage implementations ongoing. We can also just provide the tool and minimal support to your team as needed. Please also be aware that you can qualify in some cases for reduced premiums on insurance that protects your business from such events.

Your users are your last line of defense!! They need to be trained and remain on their toes with security at the top of their mind!

Please reach out to your consultant or email for more information.

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