Technology Trends in 2024 + Zero-Cost Tactics to Supercharge Your Business in the New Year

Here are the 2024 technology trends that we expect to have the greatest impact on small and medium-sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

AI Integration
The integration of artificial intelligence into everyday office applications takes center stage.

2024 will see widespread adoption of AI-enhanced tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot. These tools leverage AI assistants to transform workflows.

Proliferation of Cybercrime
Cybercrime is expected to increase. The World Economic Forum cites estimates that cybercrime extracted a staggering $8.5 trillion from global economies in 2023. That number is expected to increase significantly in 2024. By 2025, the WEF predicts an estimated $10.5 trillion in cybersecurity losses.

Advancing Regulation and Third-Party Oversight
Small and medium sized businesses can expect an increase in third-party scrutiny, oversight, and regulation in 2024.

More and more companies will find themselves subject to advancing/expanding regulation.

Insurance providers will continue to require attestation of robust cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures.

Small businesses that are vendors to large corporations can expect requirements to comply with business associates' agreements and supplier security and privacy assurance programs like Microsoft SSPA.

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Explore these no-cost tactics, tools, and training to propel your company forward through these 2024 technology trends.

Embrace AI Integration: Microsoft 365 Copilot and Beyond

This past year saw a turning point in business tech evolution. AI was widely adopted. ChatGPT grew to over 100 million users and 1.5 billion monthly website visits.

2023 was effectively the dawn of the AI era. We become familiar with AI. In the waning days of 2023, we are now used to using AI tools in services that stand on their own, like Bard, Midjourney, ChatGPT, and DALL·E.

The integration of AI into office productivity tools and line-of-business applications will be the top trend in 2024.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a prime example. Soon available for small and medium sized businesses, M365 Copilot integrates AI seamlessly into familiar office software like Word, Excel, and Teams. Imagine having an AI assistant to generate drafts and presentations in an instant. Microsoft 365 Copilot is more than a collection of new features. It is a whole new way to work! And there are a host of similar AI integrations to come.

Where can you learn about upcoming releases of AI integration in popular applications?

EXP Technical's recent webinar, "Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot," offers insights into this transformative tool and an overview of AI integration in general.

This presentation is now available for free, streaming on demand. Witness the potential of AI-driven productivity here.

Prioritize Security with EXP Technical's Security Scorecard Assessment: Cybersecurity is essential.

AI integration comes with risks. When staff members have a tool that is extremely efficient (and stealthy) at retrieving, synthesizing, and evaluating data, chances of them inappropriately accessing sensitive, confidential, or private data is increased.

Before your company embraces AI integration it is imperative that effective controls are in place to protect sensitive data (payroll, HR, accounting, corporate strategy, confidential client data, etc.) from inappropriate access.

Additionally, as the rising tide of cybercrime will be even more sophisticated and persistent in 2024.  

Finally, the need for small businesses to establish robust policies, tactics, and procedures to satisfy third parties—regulators, insurers, and business associates—will be more crucial in 2024 than ever before.

How can your business get ahead?

EXP Technical's Security Scorecard Assessment identifies vulnerabilities and ensures robust access controls. It will help you establish a prioritized list of activities that will bring your cybersecurity practices in alignment with your goals and industry standard "best practices."

Start EXP Security Scorecard Assessment

Safeguard Your Data with Free Backup Assessment: Protect your business's lifeline—data integrity.

In the event of a ransomware attack or other catastrophic data loss, your latest backup may be the only thing standing between your firm’s continuing operations and bankruptcy.

Data integrity is non-negotiable. Resilience is key.

Assess your backup systems using EXP Technical's free tool. Strengthen data resilience against potential disasters like site failures, hardware failures, data corruption, or ransomware attacks.

Complete the Data Backup Assessment

Empower Your Team with Free Security Awareness Training: Arm your workforce against evolving threats.

Cybercrime is organized crime. You and your coworkers are the first line of defense. Are you prepared?

Arm your team against evolving threats.

EXP Technical's free Security Awareness Training equips your workforce to recognize attacks and mitigate cyber risks.

Strategic Planning with EXP Technical's Free IT Budgeting Template: Navigate the future with foresight.

EXP Technical's IT Budgeting Template provides a roadmap for resource allocation. It will help you budget for the coming year's expenses and track techology spend as it occurs.

Take a free course in developing an IT budget using the EXP IT Budgeting Template.

Why These Steps Matter:

  • Adaptation is Essential: Stay ahead in the AI-driven workplace by embracing these tools.
  • Security is Crucial: AI-integrated tools pose data vulnerabilities—prevention is key.
  • Data Resilience is Paramount: Backup systems are your safety net against crises.
  • Knowledge Shields Against Threats: Educated staff is your frontline defense.
  • Strategic Planning Fuels Growth: Optimal budget allocation ensures sustainable progress.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, these no-cost tactics empower Pacific Northwest businesses to navigate AI integration, fortify defenses against cyber threats, and make pragmatic plans for the future. Embrace these steps to unlock tech potential while safeguarding your business through each of the 2024 technology trends.

For guidance along this transformative journey, reach out to EXP Technical today.

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