mobile security

5 Cybersecurity Measures You Must Follow

There is a lot more to maintaining a good cybersecurity program than the five important items mentioned here, especially if you are in a high-compliance line of work such as healthcare or government contracting. But it’s an excellent place for small and medium organizations to start.

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SIM Swaps: What You Need to Know

For many of us, our mobile devices hold as much or more, sensitive data than our workstations or desktops. So why should adequate security on our phones be any different?

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Passwords Alone are Not Enough Anymore

There was a time when strong passwords were good enough to protect your information. More recent wisdom recommends we use passphrases, which are longer and much harder to crack. Today, as phishing attempts get more sophisticated, you must adapt accordingly because passwords alone don’t cut it anymore. There’s even a name for these types of […]

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