IT infrastructure

EXP onsite for Stratolaunch First Flight!

EXP Technical is proud to have been the primary IT partner for Stratolaunch over the last 2 years. 4/13/2019 was an exciting day and the EXP staff were onsite at the Mission control center in Mojave to support the inaugural flight! Congratulations to Stratolaunch and kudos to all the EXP team who worked on the account!

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Stratolaunch Systems Corporation: Defense Cloud Build Out at Mach Speed

Stratolaunch Systems Corporation is a space transportation venture launched in 2011 by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen. The company’s goal is to make space launch more reliable, affordable, and accessible. 

In April 2017, an affiliate company, Allen’s Vulcan Aerospace formally separated from Vulcan, Inc. and was merged into Stratolaunch Systems Corporation. The combined company needed to separate its systems from Vulcan for regulatory compliance reasons. This meant creating an entirely new IT infrastructure robust and secure enough to comply with the strictest security standards enforced for U.S. defense contractors — all  in an extremely short time frame. 

Stratolaunch chose EXP Technical to tackle this daunting task. 

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Protecting Against Power Outages

George Carlin once said, “Electricity is really just organized lightning.” Well, what happens when that lightning gets chaotic? Or unpredictable? Or worse, just up and disappears? If you have any form of electronics at the heart of your IT infrastructure (spoiler alert: you do) then you need to have a nice, steady, organized stream of […]

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Are You Compromising Security for Convenience?

"The typical computer network usually has a closet full of skeletons. Now, there could be more than one closet in any organization, but here I speak of the IT closet, and its name is convenience. It is filled with seemingly harmless security compromises designed to make work more enjoyable, and in the short term, more productive. Filling this closet usually occurs slowly over time, not overnight, and the effects can have serious consequences."

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