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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training Overview

Security awareness is everyone's responsibility. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, "82% of breaches involved the human element." People are the most vulnerable and most error prone targets.

Despite this sobering statistic, over 30% of small businesses offer no cybersecurity awareness training to their staff.

The EXP Academy Security Awareness Training course has proven to be the most popular course in our catalog. The course provides an overview of common threats, includes case studies and real-world examples, and offers instruction from a uniquely Pacific Northwest perspective.

In this course students will learn how to spot threats and respond in a way that minimizes exposure to risk. 

Security Awareness Training Curriculum

The course outline appears below. 

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Course 

Chapter one introduces new students to the instructor and the course interface.

• It’s Time to Level Up (video introduction to the course)
• A message from your Host (video introduction to the presenter)
• Before we begin… (survey of student skills and personal objectives)
• How to use this course (video lesson on how to navigate the course player)


Chapter 2 Phishing

Phishing occupies a prominent space in our curriculum because this is the most common attack vector. In this chapter, students learn a handy acronym to keep in mind when evaluating email and text messages. Two case studies provide illustration, and a brief quiz reinforces the lesson material.

• Phishing (video lesson)
• Case Study 1: Office 365 Phishing Attempt (video lesson)
• Case Study 2: Phishing Attack (video lesson)
• Phishing Chapter Summary (video lesson)
• Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 3 Spear Phishing and Vishing

Spear phishing and voice phishing ("vishing") are common threats. In this lesson students learn how to spot these attacks and how to avoid becoming a victim. 

• Spear Phishing (video lesson)
• Vishing (video lesson)
• Spear Phishing/Vishing Quiz 


Chapter 4 Ransomware

The US is the number one target for ransomware attacks. The Pacific Northwest in particular--with our prosperous and diverse economy--is especially attractive to opportunistic attackers. This chapter shines a light on the most common tactics and outcomes of a ransomware attack. 

• Ransomware (video lesson)
• Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 5 Authentication

A lot of what you may have been led to believe about passwords is wrong. This chapter relays the latest recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

• Passwords (video lesson)
• Multi-Factor Authentication (video lesson)
• Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 5 Physical/Visual Access

Chapter five encourages students to be vigilant in the office, when travelling, and when working remotely.

• Physical/Visual Access in the Office (video lesson)
• Physical/Visual Access Remote Work (video lesson)
• Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 6 Next Steps

This course is just one step on the journey towards establishing safer computing habits and a culture that values cybersecurity. Our final chapter leaves students with clear next steps towards a more mature cybersecurity posture. 

• Congratulations (video lesson)
• Before you go… (survey)

Certificate available upon completion.

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