CMMC Compliance Managed Services

CMMC Compliance Managed Services

What is CMMC?

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was established by the Department of Defense to strengthen national security and to enhance the protection of controlled unclassified information wherever it exists.

The CMMC model measures a contractor’s cybersecurity maturity against a prescribed standard derived from the NIST SP 800-171 framework plus several other required practices and processes. Organizations seeking certification must demonstrate maturity across 17 domains, 43 capabilities, 5 processes, and (at the highest levels) 171 practices within the CMMC hierarchy.

Who Must Comply with CMMC Regulation?

Effectively all government contractors—from the largest prime contractor delivering fighter jets to the smallest subcontractor producing components and assemblies—will be subject to CMMC regulation. Any entity with access to controlled unclassified information (CUI) will need to meet standards for good cyber hygiene established within the CMMC hierarchy: CMMC Level 3, minimum.

The Challenge

CMMC Certification is ultimately pass/fail. Certification requires 100% compliance. Partial attainment does not meet the certification requirement.

Organizations that fail to meet CMMC certification will not be awarded government contracts.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are overwhelmed!

The new CMMC compliance rules have small and medium-sized federal contractors wondering, “How do I make the journey from where I am today, through NIST 800-171, to CMMC level 3 compliance without help?” Organizations are struggling with the costs and complexities of managing a program in-house. And the marketplace—flooded with a confusing array of security products that may or may not satisfy the NIST requirements—provides little guidance.

The Solution: CMMC Managed Compliance Services from EXP Technical

EXP has put together a comprehensive compliance management program. It includes tools, documentation, and most importantly, the leadership needed to meet and maintain the NIST/CMMC requirements.

We offer right-sized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. If you have an IT department on staff, our services seamlessly dovetail with your in-house IT department’s expertise. The experts from EXP Technical can manage the entire process or work alongside internal team.

What’s Included?

More than just tools and templates, we provide a comprehensive program that ensures CMMC Level 3 compliance with predictable monthly costs. CMMC Compliance Managed Services from EXP Technical deliver peace of mind and a mature security posture:

  • All inclusive
  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Compliance Guidance as needed
  • All Documentation & Templates
  • CISSP leadership
Compliance Manager ToolWe provide a web-based app that manages the entire compliance program
System Security PlanWe generate and maintain your System Security Plan - a fundamental requirement of NIST & CMMC compliance
POAMAs with the SSP, we generate a Plan of Action with Milestones to chart progress towards full compliance
Annual Risk AnalysisWe perform an annual Risk Analysis
Incident Response PlanWe create, maintain and test (annually) your Cyber Security Incident Reponse Plan
Security PolicyWe create and maintain your Cyber Security Policy
BC/DR PlanWe create, maintain and test (annually) your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
CMMC Practice DocumentationWe ensure that all documentation and evidence is in place for the 130 CMMC level 3 practices
24x7x365 SOC ServicesWe aggregate logs from your firewall, EDR and many other sources as well as monitoring your security environment 24x7x365
EDRWe install and manage your EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution
MFAWe manage your MFA solution for compliance (implementation is not included)
Management ReviewAt least 4 times a year, we provide a management assessment report to ensure the program is on-track
Audit Prep & AssistanceIf you are being audited, we will help you prepare and participate in the audit on your behalf

How does it Work?

We try to keep the engagement as simple as possible. The steps are generally as below:

  • Assessment of existing environment and Gap Analysis vs compliance requirements (there is an upfront charge for this)
  • Installation of Compliance Management, EDR & SOC agents
  • Creation of SSP, POAM, Security Policy, Incident Response, BC/DR plan and other required documents
  • Remediation of any gaps (not included)
  • Creation of CMMC practice documentation
  • Regular reviews
  • Regular re-assessments

Good Cyber Hygiene Doesn’t Come in a Box

At EXP Technical, we know robust cybersecurity is a process, not a product. That is why we augment CMMC Compliance Managed Services with expert consultation, strategic guidance, planning, remediation, and implementation from our IT governance, risk, and compliance experts. Our compliance consulting services scale to match your requirements. We deliver a shared-responsibility model that leverages our expertise along with your business acumen.

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