EXP Technical Presents at SDA Seattle February Event

EXP CEO, Tony Lesirge, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Kelly Paletta are visible in the community! The pair were guest speakers at Society for Design Administration Seattle’s (SDA Seattle) February Virtual Business Practice Event.

About SDA Seattle

The Society for Design Administration (SDA) is a professional organization. SDA supports the careers of individuals involved in the management and administration of architecture, engineering, construction, landscape, and interior design firms.

SDA’s goal is “Advancing A/E/C firms from within.”

One way that the SDA accomplishes this is by providing education and resources on topics that are essential to the success of A/E/C firms, such as office administration, IT management, and cybersecurity.

Partnering with SDA Seattle to Build a Vibrant Technology Community

EXP Technical is a natural fit for SDA Seattle. We know the Washington State A/E/C community well. With two decades of service to this community, we're familiar with the challenges that A/E/C firms face.

EXP currently provides IT support to 150 architecture, engineering, construction, landscape, and interior design firms in the Pacific Northwest. This enabled us to deliver information that was focused on technology, informed by experience, and tailored to the concerns of SDA members in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest.

Attendees of the SDA Seattle event joined the online presentation from across Washington state. Members logged in from locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane and from as far away as Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA.

IT Support for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Design

SDA Seattle members submitted a list of topics and concerns in advance of the virtual event. From that list of concerns, EXP formed a presentation titled "Technical Architecture - If you’re confused about IT and Cybersecurity…"

The presentation empowered design administrators with information they can use to supercharge their firm’s IT operations and enhance cybersecurity. Topics included:

  • our top 5 recommendations for cybersecurity,
  • security awareness training,
  • internet options,
  • wireless connectivity in the office and at home
  • and more!

Cybersecurity in the Spotlight at SDA Seattle

Much of the presentation delivered information on cybersecurity that design administrators can put into practice immediately. The talk focused on spotting phishing emails. Attendees learned what to do if they suspect they are the target of a phishing attack. It also informed SDA Seattle members of new and emerging threats. There was an overview of Dual Extortion Ransomware Attacks, the New Hire Spear Phishing Attack, MFA Fatigue Attacks and more.

The cybersecurity segment included frequent references to the security awareness training course at EXP Academy.

There was a brief overview of password managers as an option for easy generation and secure storage of strong passwords. We offered a quick review of current password recommendations from the National Institute of Technology and explained how public perception of password “best practices” might not match current NIST recommendations.

SDA Seattle members expressed an interest in how to evaluate outsource or hire decisions. They wanted to know when to outsource IT support vs when to hire IT resources.

Kelly Paletta introduced the concept of a broader technology capability maturity model. An organization’s outsource vs hire decisions may depend on its progress, growth, and maturity of IT practices.

Tony Lesirge added technical depth to the conversation. He discussed internet options, wireless connectivity in the office and at office in the home locations. And of course, Tony fielded the majority of questions from the participants.

Takeaways for SDA Seattle

Overall, the presentation by Tony Lesirge and Kelly Paletta from EXP Technical at the SDA Seattle Virtual Business Practice Event provided valuable insights and practical recommendations for A/E/C firms in the Pacific Northwest. Attendees are empowered to improve their IT operations and advance their cybersecurity posture. By following these best practices and staying up to date with the latest threats and technologies, A/E/C firms can better protect their sensitive data and maintain the trust of their clients.

Watch a recording of the event here:

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