Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

The Cloud has become the new standard for storage and application delivery, EXP has worked with many clients to migrate existing content and apps to cloud services. Strong planning is needed to make this a smooth process. We create a project plan and typically do a trial migration before the final migration. If the amount of data is large, we often use third-party tools to do incremental content migrations.

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Migrating Businesses to the Cloud

Our process for migrating businesses to the cloud is simple but effective. We assess the data and/or applications to be migrated, we produce a detailed project plan which generally includes trial migrations and detailed testing. We provide training for end-users and then do the cutover at a time that works for the client.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

The Cloud Infrastructure Assessment is an important part of the planning process. Typically this involves:

  • Interviewing IT staff and end-users
  • Creating a detailed inventory of all data
  • Calculating data volumes and transfer times

Cloud Migration Strategy

It is important to have a clear Cloud Migration Strategy when moving to the cloud. Often, a phased approach is advisable as end-user adoption needs to be managed well to avoid disruption.

Cloud Migration Experience

The cloud migration experience should be positive for the client. This generally comes from a combination of the below:

Good Planning
Good Testing
Good end-user training

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