Cloud Migration Services

The Cloud has become the new standard for storage and application delivery, EXP has worked with many clients to migrate existing content and apps to cloud services. Meticulous planning is needed to make this a smooth process. We create a project plan and typically do a trial migration before the final migration. If the amount of data is large, we often use third-party tools to do incremental content migrations.

Migrating Businesses to the Cloud

Our process for migrating businesses to the cloud is simple but effective. We assess the data and/or applications to be migrated. From there, a detailed project plan is created. This plan typically includes trial migrations and detailed testing. Training for power-users and end-users comes next. The cutover happens at a time that minimizes disruption. Finally, we finish with documentation and ongoing support.

Throughout the process we are agnostic, creative, and open-minded. Our team delivers innovative solutions that empower our clients' operations. For some clients, "migrating business to the cloud," means migrating server roles directly from hardware on-premises to infrastructure in the cloud. For other clients the migration may take advantage of hybrid cloud/on-premises solutions, or a vast array of interconnected services running on premises, in various hosted environments, at remote sites, and backed-up from one cloud service to another to aid disaster recovery and ensure business continuity.

Our Services

The Cloud Infrastructure Assessment is an important part of the planning process. Typically this involves:

  • Interviewing IT staff and end-users
  • Creating a detailed inventory of all data
  • Calculating data volumes and transfer times

Cloud Migration Strategy

It is important to have a clear Cloud Migration Strategy before effecting change. Cloud migrations, like any significant IT initiative, pose risk. There is potential for data loss, downtime, and disruption to workflow. If the project doesn't begin with the end in mind, it is possible to deviate, delay, and end ultimately with an environment that is not well-suited to support operations.

EXP consultants are both skilled technicians and pragmatic strategists. We work from a game-plan that takes advantage of lessons learned over the decades through hundreds of cloud migrations. Each new cloud migration plan builds on past success. Often, a phased approach and hybrid solutions are advisable. Every step of the project from early planning through pilot projects, phased implementation, and end-user adoption need to be managed well to avoid disruption.

Cloud Migration Experience

At EXP we believe in serving people through technology. The cloud migration experience with EXP is steady and certain. Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the Puget Sound Region will attest to our history of successfully migrating their computing operations from on-premises to the cloud. Experience has taught us that every successful migration to cloud computing is the result of:

  • Good Planning
  • Good Testing
  • Good End-User Training

EXP consultants are both pioneers and standard bearers for innovative and cost-effective deployment of cloud migrations. Over the past two decades, we have performed literally hundreds of migrations to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, a myriad of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, cloud-to-cloud backup strategies, and more.

Each migration is unique but the path is familiar. Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the Pacific Northwest trust EXP's cloud migration expertise. In a world full of confusing alternatives our client put their faith in EXP to identify high-impact, right-sized solutions for their operations. Our strategies are refined, our methodologies tested, and our guidance is sincere.

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