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Technology Training

Your business runs on technology. EXP Academy delivers technology training that guides you and your staff toward proficiency and security.

In order to best serve the local community, EXP Technical has developed a companion site devoted to technology training: EXP Academy.

Class is now in session!

EXP Academy is a 100% free resource for on-demand security awareness training, quick tips to enhance operations, shortcuts to expedite performance, and much more.


Course Catalog

The course catalog at EXP Academy is expanding regularly. Courses are divided into three categories:

CORNERSTONE CONTENT: Security Awareness Training

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Hackers don’t hesitate. Neither should you!

EXP Academy Security Awareness Training is a free resource for on-demand cybersecurity training.

Topics include: phishing, spear phishing, vishing, ransomware, physical/visual access, passwords, and much more. The program ends with a unique certificate for each student. Employers can use EXP Academy Security Awareness Training Certification as the first step towards establishing a culture that values cybersecurity.




Mini-lessons in the EXP Academy course catalog take less than 3 minutes to complete. These are technology hacks for people who don’t have time to sit in extended training. These courses reveal shortcuts and secrets to proficiency with the tools that are already under your fingers.

In the following sample mini-lesson, students learn how to enable clipboard history so they can copy and paste multiple items to and from the clipboard.


EXP Academy Skill Builders enable students to hone their understanding on a related set of skills. These courses may include multiple lessons and quizzes. Skill Builders typically take 5-15 minutes to complete.

The following video is an excerpt from our course on advanced Google search tools and tactics, called "Use Google Search Like a Pro."

Visit EXP Academy today and return often as courses will be added regularly.

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