Supporting People Across Multiple Industries

EXP delivers world-class IT support to people in multiple industies. We work with small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and municipal government agencies across the Pacific Northwest. Our IT support clients include pioneers, pace-setters, and innovators that have made the Seattle area an economic powerhouse. We serve our clients by either collaborating with their existing IT team or serving as a fully-outsourced IT department.

IT Support Clients

Our experience runs especially deep in the following areas:

Architecture Engineering Construction

We understand the unique technology requirements of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries, including BIM management, modeling applications, large scale storage and archiving, and time, billing, and project management applications.


Our consulting and guidance helps ensure regulatory compliance; provides multi-layered security solutions; and maintains stable, reliable infrastructure so healthcare providers can remain focused on patients.
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EXP can help you establish the right legal practice management and case management systems for your needs while ensuring you’re following best practices for information security and client privacy.

Financial Services

Since financial services work is often cyclical, we adapt to your business cycle by offering flexible custom service plans. We can handle all your critical IT needs, including keeping sensitive data secure.


IT departments in educational institutions serve two distinct user groups: faculty and students. We support both groups while adapting to the fluctuations of the academic year as needed.


To help you better stretch your budget, we help you benefit from non-profit pricing options available from such leading vendors as Microsoft, VMWare, and Salesforce — without sacrificing service.
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Our clients rave about EXP. Here’s why.

At EXP, we’re proud of the many lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients and partners over the years. Because when you put people first, you become invested in their success. Here’s what a few of our partners say about working with EXP Technical.
  • We couldn’t have made the transition from Vulcan without EXP’s tireless and professional efforts. We continue to rely on their expertise and timely support to this day.

    Brian Morse

    Senior Vice President, Operations, Stratolaunch Systems Corporation
  • What the EXP team accomplished on this project was nothing short of amazing! There were a lot of complexities and hazards in the water, but they led us safely through to the other side in a very concentrated timeframe.

    Kathleen Fondren

    CEO, CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories
  • We are grateful to the EXP team form working with us on what was not a clear-cut project. We hit several obstacles during implementation and they were able to surmount them all and get us back to operations quickly. The staff loved the increase in speed and I can sleep better with the new fail-over design.

    Chip Phillips

    Office Manager, Amento Group
  • EXP has always treated us as if we were their only client. Their quick response and willingness to get the job done whatever the day or time have been incredibly valuable to us. When we were remodeling our office(s) someone from EXP was always available to help with the move and show up when we were in the middle of a ‘crisis’ with the phone system, contractors, or movers. They have been there to help negotiate our phone needs and worked diligently when problems developed with new phone vendors. The time and effort they put in are immeasurable.

    Sherry Caryl

    Office Manager, Baylis Architects
  • We began using Patty Sather’s services when our business started in the late 1990’s. As her business has grown so has ours. EXP has always been attentive to our IT needs and suggested upgrades and changes as they were necessary. We have enjoyed a long relationship and appreciate their ability and willingness to help us with our long range planning as well as short term and emergency issues.

    Janet Fife

    Office Manager, Amento Group
  • EXP handled the heavy lifting while keeping our team engaged and informed as necessary including training my team to accomplish some tasks, which cut our costs. The project went off without a hitch, and on budget. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

    Sean Rowe

    VP of IT, CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories

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