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Continuing Legal Education

Security Awareness Training at EXP Academy has been approved by the Washington State Bar Association for one hour of credit towards Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements.


The Need for Security Awareness Training

Studies indicate that over 85% of successful cyberattacks are the result of human error, action, or inaction.

Despite this sobering statistic, over 30% of small business (including a surprisingly high number of law offices) offer no cybersecurity awareness training for their employees.

Security Awareness Training at EXP Academy was developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a free resource to guide all towards a more mature cybersecurity posture and safer computing habits.

EXP Technical, based in Seattle, offers this training at no charge because we have a vested interest in keeping the Pacific Northwest secure. We live and work here and want to see the region thrive.

The course curriculum, outlined below, will empower attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff to spot phishing, vishing, ransomware, and other cyberthreats.


Per the Washington State Bar Association “all of the 45 CLE credits Washington attorneys must report every three years may come from on-demand seminars” like the Security Awareness Training course at EXP Acadamy.

The Washington State Bar Association has specifically approved EXP Academy Security Awareness Training for CLE.

EXP Academy Security Awareness Training is a recorded activity (activity #1204879 ) and members can self-report completion via their MCLE Dashboard for recorded activities.

Activity IDActivity TitleStart Date
1204879Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingDec. 01, 2021



Security Awareness Training from EXP Academy provides a valuable resource for attorneys and support staff who wish to keep sensitive information secure. Students in this course can sharpen their skills by completing the curriculum of entertaining and informative videos, quizzes, downloads, links to supplemental resources, and more.


Chapter 1 Welcome to the Course (Introductions)

  • It’s Time to Level Up (video introduction to the course)
  • A message from your Host (video introduction to the presenter)
  • Before we begin… (survey of student skills and personal objectives, 4 questions)
  • How to use this course (video lesson on how to navigate the course player, 1 minute)


Chapter 2 Phishing

  • Phishing (video lesson)
  • Case Study 1: Office 365 Phishing Attempt (video lesson)
  • Case Study 2: Phishing Attack (video lesson)
  • Phishing Chapter Summary (video lesson)
  • Test your learning (quiz)
  • Download--Infographic "Don't Get Hooked by Phishing"
  • Further Reading:
    • Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)
    • 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report - Internet Crime Complaint Center (iC3) Crime Report
  • Additional Resources:
    • FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Home Page


Chapter 3 Spear Phishing and Vishing

  • Spear Phishing (video lesson)
  • Vishing (video lesson)
  • Links to Ethical Hacker Video and to Vishing Podcast
  • Spear Phishing/Vishing Quiz


Chapter 4 Ransomware

  • Ransomware (video lesson)
  • Links to FBI resources
  • Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 5 Authentication

  • Passwords (video lesson)
  • Links to "Have I Been Pwned?"  NIST Guidelines and other resources
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (video lesson)
  • Links to Microsoft Digital Defense Report
  • Test your learning (Quiz)


Chapter 5 Physical/Visual Access

  • Physical/Visual Access in the Office (video lesson, 4 minutes)
  • Physical/Visual Access Remote Work (video lesson, 3 minutes)
  • Test your learning (quiz)


Chapter 6 Next Steps

  • Congratulations (video lesson)
  • Before you go… (survey)

Certificate available upon completion.

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