5 Cybersecurity Measures You Must Follow


Whatever your business, cybersecurity should be among your top priorities. The following are our top five cybersecurity measures we advise all businesses to implement now:

  1. A strong password policy with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) at least for Office 365.
  2. Mandatory annual security awareness training for all employees. To learn more, view a useful 15-minute presentation by our CEO, Tony Lesirge.
  3. Secure your Office 365 tenant using the Microsoft 365 Secure Score Analyzer.
  4. Implement a business class firewall and check your firewall settings regularly.
  5. Encrypt all laptops (BitLocker is generally the easiest to use) and mobile devices (by Exchange admin policy).

There is a lot more to maintaining a strong cybersecurity program than the five measures listed above, especially if you are in a high-compliance line of work such as healthcare or government contracting.  But it’s an excellent place for small and medium organizations to start.

If you would like help with any of the security measures above, or want advice on creating and enforcing better IT security policies, please contact us.

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