Our First 2000 Students!

2000 Students at EXP Academy!

EXP Academy, the free technology training site developed by EXP Technical, has reached another important milestone. On Tuesday, February 20th, the 2000th student enrolled in technology training at EXP Academy.

The first 2000 students at EXP Academy have visited the academy 36,340 times and viewed training videos 42,389 times.

Collectively these 2000 students have watched 1,498 hours of video training content. This is equivalent to 62 days of non-stop video!

Our first 2000 students are participating in 2113 course enrollments. (Several students are enrolled in multiple courses.)

Feedback from Students

This is what students have to say about the courses at EXP Academy:

“This course was 100% helpful to me and for my safety. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member to prevent them being a victim of a cyber-attack.”

“This was an excellent course. I appreciate the humor.”

“I feel I have learned more detailed ways on protecting myself compared to the general information I knew before this course. I also enjoyed the humorous approach."

“I learned more than expected."

“I feel informed and ready to take on all the cyber threats. Pew! Pew!"

Share Knowledge, Share Success

"Share knowledge, share success" is a core value at EXP Technical. We want our neighbors to thrive, so we offer FREE technology training to optimize efficiency and enhance security.

The current course offerings include:
Security Awareness Training
IT Budgeting
Human Factors in Cybersecurity
The Psychology of Cybersecurity
How to Protect Employees Against their First Phishing Attack
...and more

And we are just about to release new cornerstone content that will have a significant impact on IT operations all across the Puget Sound Region. (Stay tuned!)

Have you benefited from the training at EXP Academy yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Enroll today.

EXP Academy is FREE. You do not need to be an EXP Technical client to take advantage of our free training.

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