Our First 100 Students!

Number 100 surrounded by confetti and streamers.

100 Students at EXP Academy!

EXP Academy, the free technology training site developed by EXP Technical, has reached an important early milestone.

As of Monday, September 19th, there are 100 students enrolled at EXP Academy.

The 2022 cohort at EXP Academy has visited the academy 1,256 times and viewed training videos 2,520 times. One hundred students are participating in 139 course enrollments. (Several students are enrolled in multiple courses.)

Feedback from Students

This is what students have to say about the courses at EXP Academy:

“Very informative and easy to follow along.”

“Being 23 and someone on the internet all their life I have still learned something new from this course.”

“I've taken several of these types of courses but this one included a few tips I had not heard before.”

“I feel better prepared against threats that I may come into contact with while working.“

“I have learned additional techniques that I wasn't aware of before, and I can now apply those strategies in my day to day life.”

“Was concise and well put together. I hope to employ these strategies to better identify threats in my network.”

“I did the training yesterday - very well done. Seriously, the training is engaging, informative and even entertaining.”

EXP Academy exists to empower people at small and medium-sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest. At EXP Technical, we want our neighbors to thrive, so we offer FREE technology training to optimize efficiency and enhance security.

The current course offerings include:
Security Awareness Training
The Psychology of Cybersecurity
Advanced Google Search
Cable Management
Copy and Paste Multiple Items to the Clipboard
Add Background Image to Excel Spreadsheets
Delay Delivery in Outlook
...and more

New courses are added to the catalog regularly.

Have you benefited from the training at EXP Academy yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Enroll today.

EXP Academy is FREE. You do not need to be an EXP Technical client to take advantage of our free training.

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